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The professors are the public officers who receive the lesser wages, are constructed more bridges that schools, are made more tracks that libraries. The biggest parcel of reading in Brazil is private to a reading of summaries, magazines, books of entertainment, sites. For more information see this site: Lynn Redgrave. The Internet did not obtain to make with that the people searched more the knowledge, but with the popularizao of this media the people search more the related sites the nets of relationship, sites of entertainment, site of videos and sites of search. Margaret Loesser Robinson may not feel the same. In the future this profile tends to move. The scene of the public libraries Brazilian Libraries are seen as book deposits, different good of the vision of the medieval period, where the libraries had a character the holy ghost.

When the invention of the mobile types for Gutemberg happened the explosion of the book publication soon after, existed a race for the next unit, for the next published book, a true passion for the book. The society passed for deep transformations since then in recent years had the ascension of the age of the knowledge. The information are available in different supports, in the Internet it is possible to know which the currency of the Groelndia and the dress of the first lady of the United States. In elapsing of history one happened depreciation of the library. When Napoleo invaded Portugal Dom Joo VI brought all the real library, therefore it recognized the value not of the patrimony economic, but only cultural.

It is not enough to play books in shelves and to write library in the front of a building, is necessary a culture change. Where the habit does not exist to value the knowledge is necessary to demonstrate that it is important and to explicitar the benefits of the library for the community. The librarians are engaged in a fight for the valuation of the public libraries, but instead of valuing all the culture of the knowledge, them is only searching to conquer market spaces, and the question of the information is not summarized to who is enabled to make the dissemination, but to who it has the will to share the information.
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