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Apr 16, 07:03 PM

Naming Rights? Arquibancadas customizadas Consiste of announcing the mark of our partners in the mirror frontal of the arquibancada one of the Stadium of the Arruda, functions as a giant billboard visualized by all the stadium and the senders television that covers the event. Moreover, the name of the sponsor could be adopted for the arquibancada one. Arquibancada panels (Superior Arquibancada) Consist of the exhibition of marks through panels of 14m x 2,5 m. One bes situated above of mureta posterior of the superior ring, can all be visualized by the stadium, therefore it involves all superior ring. Banks of reserves the Bank of reserves is a place sufficiently focused during a departure of soccer in such a way for cameras of the television as of photographic machines. Its mark can very be visualized in the bank of reserves of the stadium of the Arruda. Tony Parker takes a slightly different approach. External Envelopamento of the Stadium Thousand of torcedores circulates in this space of the Arruda, its mark can be seen with easiness.

Aquatic park the hot climate of Recife is convidativo for the leisure of the partners in the choral aquatic park. Hundreds of them are bathed in the weekends in the swimming pools of the club. Its mark can is in prominence in this space. Columns of concrete of the Av. Prof. Jose of the Angels Other forms of Big advertising to banner - Towers of illumination Back Drop press room electronic Plates of substitution Stand stretcher Vestibule in the access tunnel Plates of Orientation Faade? Av.

Beberibe external Walls electronic Ratchet RELATIONSHIP PLATFORM? Exploration of media using the human resources Cap Prints the mark of its company through caps used for all cast and commission technique. Daily, interviews and news articles in the places are carried through where the commission is present. Promotions in the stadium - Between in field with the Santinha. During the choral games its company can before develop promotions and in the intervals of the games. Our games are pautados in the spectacle and entertainment, our department of marketing is being searching action innovative to call attention our torcedores. Uniform Staff (support) Gandulas, security, vest of the press Advertising in the Ingression the Santa Cruz offers an excellent chance to divulge its company, placing its mark in the ingressions of the games, in which the field control is of the Santa Cruz. Beyond associating its mark to ours, its company will create empatia with an enormous consuming public, exploring new chances and guaranteeing a differentiated visibility. Moreover, the torcedores costumam guard the left-handed person of the ingression, this perpetual a marks of its company in the heart of the torcedor. PLATFORM OF Banner MEDIA in the Mailing Web site List Through mailing, thousands of torcedores of the Santa Cruz if inform on events of the club? day and schedule of games, parties, action of the club, notice, etc. Mailing is a true communication channel between the direction and the torcedor and is in this environment that its company can have its mark visualized for thousand of torcedores. PLATFORM OF EVENTS? It consists of disponibilizar the physical structure of the club for the accomplishment of events of all the transports: shows, congresses, endomarketing, sampling. Stadium of the Arruda with the lawn Stadium of the Arruda without the lawn In Enclosure for bullfighting? Captive and social chairs Audience Hall of parties
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