John Piper

Apr 13, 03:15 PM

John Piper says the following one: ' ' One of the reasons why we do not make this as we would have is that the life is so full of entertainment, that thoughts on necessities despairing and perpetual spirituals are difficult to be nourished for more difficult us and still of to be shared with the others. The world interesting and is amused excessively. He seems inadequate to become we ourselves or to the others you discomforted with thoughts on people who are perishing. To make this is arduous. According to Gina Bonati, who has experience with these questions. our life is tranqila.' ' Another crucial point is our comodismo, leaving our zone of comfort and coming across in them with people transtornadas for its problems, without knowing its root, that is the sin. The important one is always to remember that the workmanship is not ours is of God; it is who opens the eyes (Acts 26:18), therefore, ' ' he does not stop because you do not obtain to make this. He is clearly that you do not obtain. God only opens the eyes of the blind people (II Corntios 4:6).

But the fact of that you do not obtain to make the electricity or to never create the light makes it to stop to press the interruptor. The fact of that you cannot never create fire in cylinders makes you to stop to turn the key of the car. The fact of that you do not obtain to never create weaveeed cellular makes it to stop to eat its meals. It does not allow that its impossibility to create to the new makes it birth to stop of speaking on evangelho.' ' (John Piper). John Piper cites some encorajamentos to nail good the news: vDeus use vases of barros (II Corntios 4:4 - 6), in this text the main versicle are the 7; ' ' this means that, if you feel yourself in you measured or below of measured in its aptitude to share the treasure of evangelho, you are more close to the truth of what somebody that feels powerful, wise and auto-suficiente.' ' vCompartilhe material of studies, John Piper encourages in them here always to walk with brochures in the stock market, the folder, in the car, as well as, prays the God stops using in them.
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