Mother Superior

Apr 6, 01:31 PM

Or enter. But ... not possible! ... There! ... In bed! ... There she is! ...

And it's alive! ... But how? I do not know. But I had never felt such an immense relief. He sees me and jumps out of bed to run toward me, taking a huge scream, and with a smile on his face: "Yosira! Hi. He leans a bit to see my eyes close: "Hello! Are you okay? "" Yes, I'm better. I'm glad you came. I wanted to show something ...

"a shocking sounds from outside the room interrupted the girl, and catch our curiosity. We looked a little, and in the hallway can see the two ladies that I had already seen in that room. This time with a lot more crying out: "... Mother Superior, this can not be. How did this happen? Who is responsible for horrible tragedy? "," Calm down, professor. I assure you we'll find out soon. We have already informed the police. There is nothing to fear. "" But who would be so heartless to commit such an atrocity? "" That we will know soon. For now, better than other girls do not know about this. We must not frighten them. "" But her friends do not deserve at least say goodbye to her? "" Of course not! No matter how inhumane it may seem, we can not afford to invade them panic. Vanessa Marcil contains valuable tech resources. They're just girls! Not tolerate this. "" And what will we do then? "" We'll tell you that Alexandra, have already adopted.
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